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If you didn't know already, I went to London to go to the Bloggers Ball with my wonderful friend Tiffany (giventheworld). If you haven't read that post then make sure you do by clicking here. I've been to London a couple of times, however it was when I wasn't old enough to appreciate it or when I was only going to one specific place, like the time I went to Tate Modern with my school and we only went as far as the London Eye and had to jump back on the bus home.. sigh.

Tiffany and I went for three ish days and spent two nights at the Travelodge in Vauxhall. We started our journey early Friday morning and it lasted around the 5 hour mark, which on a coach can be very uncomfortable. The coach wasn't extremely uncomfortable though, but it was hard to sleep on it because all I wanted to do was put my legs up! So, thank god for the plug sockets to charge my phone or I would've been bored out of my mind. Tiffany started getting excited as soon as we got into London at around 12pm and I didn't understand why she was excited, after all it was only London??

It took a while to get our bearings when we arrived at Victoria Coach Station, but in the end we found ourselves a lovely little park/square (at least I think it's called a park) to take photos of... And plenty other pretty "things" to take pictures of on the way to actually finding the underground station we needed to go to.

It also took a while to get to grips with understanding the whole tube ticket thing and where which one went where. You could swear we were in a different country with a different language the way we were ha! Then we had to find our hotel from Vauxhall Station.. We obviously used the trusty iPhone Maps and tried following it everywhere, we just couldn't find the Travelodge anywhere. The funniest part of this was the fact that Travelodge was literally opposite the station - and the fact we had passed the hotel at least twice without even realizing - we definitely felt stupid when we found it oops.

We had around an hour to spare before we could check in so we decided to go down to the River Thames and sat down with a bit of food. I genuinely didn't realize how beautiful everything looked until then!

On the way back to the hotel, we took a kind of detour and got lost literally on the MI5 grounds where someone who worked with them asked if we were lost - without me actually realizing it was someone like that until Tiffany said when he had gone, so I literally just said no and looked at him as if we were going to be abducted or something, haha. Still to this day I feel pretty bad and wished I had said yes now because I felt a bit rude afterwards.

For the rest of the first day we walked around London just looking at the wonderful things it had to offer - we actually did quite a lot on the first day, which I'm quite shocked at. We went to Tate Britain, which was wonderful! And then got caught in a lovely rain shower - which was never ending, and may I add that I was wearing bloody sandals. We also tried looking for a Tesco for ages - then I ended up spending £60ish in Boots ????? Great! Oh and a cheeky Shrek came onto us, demanded a photo, then demanded money?? It wasn't long until Tiffany and I started running away - sorry Shrek, but if you were the real one, we'd give you everything we have! We then ended our night going to one of my favourite restaurants, Nandos and watching some episodes of Gossip Girl (how I miss it sigh).

Then Saturday came, the day of the bloggers ball! It was wonderful, also Tiffany let me do her make up, which I always get overwhelmed with when people ask me to do it. When we arrived at Piccadilly Circus and it had the best atmosphere! We only knew it was certain we were coming back here. I'm not going to write about the bloggers ball because I have already done that once, so you can read that here.

After the bloggers ball, our feet were ready to fall off and we were so extremely tired, which probably was the result of all the travelling too, so we decided to stay in for the night watching more Gossip Girl and order pizza (and chicken for me!).

Sunday was our last day and we decided to use it wisely and head back to Piccadilly Circus and do some Father's Day shopping - that really didn't happen though. Instead, I bought a new pair of shoes, two neck tie things, a head band thing (love how I'm calling them "things" because I have no idea what they are called). We also found Selfridges and Topshop to have photo's in the photo booth - which actually turned out quite horrific. Also, half way through this I had realized I had left my black jeans in the hotel room and didn't pack them - so I rang the hotel panicking, lucky for me they found them and kept them to one side for me to pick them up later. Before we knew it we had to start heading back and go to the coach station.

I have to be honest, this small trip was one I'll always remember and I cannot wait until I go again!

Have you been to London? Let me know if you have any posts about London, I would love to read!

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  1. This looks like such a lovely weekend trip! Getting lost is totally something I do, last time I was in London on a friend we managed to get seperated on different tubes on our way back! Straight up panic, I swear. I loved this post, and the weekend seemed to have been so much fun. I just found your blog through the through our eyes blog and I'm about to find you on every social media platform and follow you! :P

    1. Haha I know, the doors shut so quick too! Thank you for your lovely comment, I'll follow you back lovely x

  2. Love all your pics! We have to go back to London again soon, such a great weekend!


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