MAC Lipstick And Morphe Palettes!


Today I'm sharing with you my three recent investments to my makeup kit - may I add that these have changed the makeup game entirely for me!

First off, I bought the MAC Velvet Teddy matte lipstick. I know I know, how original Whitney! But honestly, it is the best lipstick I have bought yet! I actually hate lipsticks on myself, however I did start using a Maybelline lipstick a few months back which was more of a glossy type lipstick, but when MAC decided to open in a Debenhams near me, I could not resist! The lipstick stays on all day and I actually had a full 12 hours use out of it in work so yes, I do highly recommend buying yourself a MAC lippy! I think I'll have to do a MAC haul soon!

I also took a huge leap to actually order myself two Morphe palettes. I was so unsure on whether to invest in a Morphe palette as they are quite cheap and as I have sensitive skin I didn't know whether it would react badly with it. But for months I have seen and heard people saying how pigmented they are and that the formula of the shadows are really nice, so I just had to see for myself. I ordered the 35T and the 35P palettes. At first glance of both palettes, you could see just from looking at them how pigmented they are.

With these Morphe palettes you can create so many different looks and they are so easy to blend out! Although, one thing I would say is that because they are so pigmented, the shadows to tend to transfer under the eye, which isn't at all pleasant. So, I would recommend doing your eyes first before doing the rest of your make up, using a sort of fix spray or placing a piece of card or something under the eye so that the eyeshadow falls onto the card instead of your face.

Here are the swatches of each palette.

35P Glitter Shades

35P Matte Shades

35T Glitter Shades

35T Matte Shades

I highly recommend you buying these if they haven't yet been invested into your make up kit as they are perfect for anyone. But I insist you check the ingredients first before buying as they do use talk in their products!
Have you used any of the above or in different shades? Let me know! 

14 comments on "MAC Lipstick And Morphe Palettes!"
  1. The Morphe palettes are STUNNING! I love the brand :)

  2. The Morphe palettes look amazing and SO pretty! I haven't tried that brand before. I do love the MAC velvet teddy matte lipstick, such a stunning colour :) xx

  3. Yes!! Velvet Teddy is my fav mac lipstick!

  4. Absolutely loved this post Whitney, the Morphe palettes look absolutely gorgeous, I've been debating whether to get one for ages as I have very sensitive skin too particularly around my eyes but this post might just have convinced me to go for it!! The swatches were also super helpful! Thanks for sharing :) Jess x

    1. Thank you! I'd just make sure you prime your eyes so they lock in some moisture! You're welcome, thanks for commenting! x

  5. I have been going back and forth on whether or not to get a morphe palette and just can't decide which one! The 35t looks absoloutly stunning and just the kind of shades I would wear! I love this post well done x

  6. Love Velvet Teddy! These Morphe palettes are absolutely beautiful.

    Chloe x