I'm guilty, once again, of not completing something which I really wanted to do. Blogmas was a huge thing for me, but I couldn't complete it. In fact I posted the introduction and made one draft... Oops. But I worked every day over Christmas and tried to fit my family, friends and boyfriend in too. It's extremely hard to do. BUT, now that I'm not working all the time and I don't have to cram everything in a lot, I can say I am now ready to post regularly... In the New Year.

This is a really short blog post today, but look out for my blog posts in the new year, which is only two days away... So, keep your eyes open, unless I really bore you that much.

So for now, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year you wonderful people.

3 comments on "Oops!!"
  1. Family, friends and life are much more important lovely. I tried blogmas once and failed miserably. I may try again next year though, we'll see.

    Ami xxx

    1. Sorry for the late reply but that's so true!! Good luck if you do! xx