Coming Back..


Hi. I know, who am I? It hasn't been that long has it? ... OK, maybe it has. I appreciate you all if you are reading this because I know I haven't been blogging at all through January. The reason behind this is because I have had a lot going on. Not just spending time with people I need to but I've just been catching up on everything I have missed really. Not only this, though it has been stressful in that itself, I have had a lot of personal issues in the last month that I have needed to resolve and it's just been a bad month. Although, I hope it has turned around as we are now coming up to the last two weeks of January and I can't wait... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY NEXT WEEK!!!

SO... Now I am back. For good. I'll be doing my usual routine which is every Wednesday and I'll also be doing surprise visits most weeks to my blog. I will also be teaming up with my friends which write blogs such as Tiffany and Alex... AND... I'd like to invite any bloggers who read my posts to join me in collabs as I really want to meet new friends and be part of a sort of blogging "community". So, if you are interested if you post a comment below and send me your details, such as your twitter, email or anything you'd want me to contact you on then just do so!

Anyway, this is just my welcome back (to myself) post and well welcome back or welcome to you guys too! I ensure you I have plenty more posts to come with loads of new content and this is just the start (the picture is a hint). I'll speak to you all again soon. Thank you so much for reading.

4 comments on "Coming Back.."
  1. Hey I'd love to do a collab

  2. I've never done a collab before but I would definitely be interested! If you could get in touch on my email that would b great xx