Who Runs The World??.. GIRLS!

Today I've decided to do a slightly different post. Why? Because I feel like as women we are extremely important in this world and I feel we are extremely undermined a lot, especially by men. So, just sit back and read. This is not a rant (i hope).

As women we are expected to be a certain way. Historically, housewives. I agree, we do make wonderful housewives, but is that all we can do? NO. Never should a woman be undermined, because we will always prove otherwise. I don't agree that only men are supposed to do certain things. Women are expected to be everything a man isn't; elegant, poised, soft natured and appealing inside and out. I agree to an extent that a woman should be elegant as there's nothing more disturbing than seeing a girl be mouthy or rude in a man's manner. But a woman should be able to be who she wants to be without anyone telling her otherwise. I believe that equality is a myth and that it will never be alight as everyone assumes that this is a 'man's world', but, it's not.

One thing that really rattles my cage is the way women are expected to dress. If a woman wishes to expose her beauty, why is it seen as disturbing? Whereas men can show off their body without any hassle and drama. A couple of months ago I saw a picture on Instagram of Kate Moss topless and then a couple of minutes later the girl who posted the picture had stated that Instagram had removed it because it was offensive and inappropriate according to the people who reported the image. So I started to scroll down the comments and then I saw one comment where one individual said "the way women dress provokes men to rape them" .. OK, so this is slightly off topic, but, how do you justify a rapist? It is not a woman's fault that a man cannot control themselves and it's certainly not the victims fault of their own rape. The point is, women should wear exactly what they feel comfortable in. In my opinion, the minority of men who to convict offences against women want to show power. But let's be honest, we are the most powerful.

OK, back to topic. Most women perform triple shift. This is where they are responsible for paid work, unpaid work and emotional work. Whereas the majority of men are responsible for paid work. Also women are expected to give up their jobs after having a child but not a man to give up theirs. But weighing out everything, women are the most important as they keep everything intact and are able to stay strong no matter what the circumstance, just to keep other people happy and to provide a healthy living for people around them. 

If you feel undermined or less important just think of the following things I am about to tell you.

  • You are beautiful inside and out.
  • Women live an average of seven years longer than men
  • Nancy Drew was a girl, therefore men are not the only detectives. So this shows a woman can do a mans job.
  • Women have a wider variety of what to wear. BETTER WARDROBES!
  • Women have more hairstyles to try
  • The majority of women don't go bald after they turn 25
  • We have a Queen and not a King
  • Women are better leaders 


ps: if you want to state your own opinion, feel free to comment.

Whitney xo
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