6 Ways to Use Cotton Buds

Surprisingly, cotton buds don't only 'clean your ears'. I have used them for sooooooo many different reasons and I'm going to share my secrets (although you probably know anyway) with you lovely people.... because I'm nice? 

Get Rid of Pimples

Although you shouldn't pop your pimples, or squeeze or touch them for obvious reasons because of the bacteria and germs which will spread.. This as I have found out is a much more 'face friendly' approach if you really have to get rid. It's simple, just have two cotton buds and ... well you know. This is actually a more cleaner and less painful way of doing this. You never know, give it a go! But don't force the pimple to pop, just let it come to a head (ew!). Also make sure you've had a hot shower or splashed your face with warm water, otherwise it probably won't work so well.

Filling In Your Eyebrows

So, you can't find your eyebrow pencil, or you've misplaced your angled brush? Don't worry a cotton bud will do the trick! You literally only need to dip it in your eyebrow palette or eye shadow and coat your eyebrows. This approach has saved my life soooo many times.

 Covering Red Pimples

Very often, if I have a red pimple on my face, no matter what brush I use or how much make-up I put on, nothing hides it! This is why I discovered the wonderful Cotton Bud. First, conceal one end of the cotton bud and dab it on and around the redness, then when it is blended nicely, dab the other side of the cotton bud into a setting powder and dab around and on the redness lightly. If you're still not satisfied with the outcome, try a second coat of the same routine. If you are still not satisfied, you should stick around for my next blog post (wink wink).

Dying Your Hair

Ok, maybe not dying your hair, but it's as good as dying your roots temporarily. Using a cotton bud with an eye shadow that matches your hair colour will make it look as if you've dyed your hair fresh. It works like a miracle and it's easy, so until you have the time to go to the hairdressers or dye your hair yourself, you should try this!

Removing Make Up

Sometimes a make up wipe is simply not enough. A cotton bud can really help your face feel fresh. I don't suggest you take a cotton bud and drag it around your face, that's the cotton pad/ball trick. But I suggest using a cotton bud for the more sensitive ares and the hard to get at areas, like your eyes and your nose. I also don't suggest you stick them in your nose either, but around the nose area YES. These are especially good for removing eye make up with a good make up remover and using a cleanser or toner around the nose area as it deep cleans the areas that are usually avoided or lightly passed whilst taking your make up off.

Applying Perfume

Throughout the day, maybe you want to top up your perfume but you don't fancy carrying the bottle around all day. One obvious fact is putting vaseline on in the areas you spray your perfume and then spray it on and it'll last longer. Or you can spray a few cotton buds on either side with the perfume you want on, then put them in a sandwich bag and then top up throughout the day with your new perfume bud (bad I know, sorry).  For better results you may want to do both if you are super paranoid that you smell funny... But that's your business..

I hope this post has helped you and as always thank you for reading my posts. If you have any questions you'd like to ask about anything, you can tweet me @grierumdallas or you can comment below and I'll try my best to answer. 

Whitney xo
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  1. I didn't think about using them to make my roots look better until I read this! Great post x

    - Tiffany