Halloween Week!

So, October is almost over and I feel like it literally just started. Although it is Halloween week, the week of fear and this gets me so so so so so so so so so (so so so....) EXCITED! Halloween is one of my favourite times of year - not to mention my birthday, Christmas, Bonfire Night, Easter.... BUT, back to topic. Halloween excites me because it is one of those special occasions that you can spend with your friends and people you haven't seen for a while. As I am writing this I am also googling "What is Halloween?".. I'm interested in the real concept of it, OK?. DISAPPOINTED.  

noun: Halloween; noun: Hallowe'en
  1. the night of 31 October, the eve of All Saints' Day, often celebrated by children dressing up in frightening masks and costumes. Halloween is thought to be associated with the Celtic festival Samhain, when ghosts and spirits were believed to be abroad. "

Actually, the "eve of All Saints' Day" disappointed me.. BORING. But, I guess the festival concept of it brightens it up slightly. 

Anyway, you don't want to know about what Halloween is really do you? You are more interested in celebrating it! SO, I have decided to write a post everyday up until Saturday (I know, SHOCKER). But seriously, there will be. Despite the fact that I have a very busy schedule this week, I will find time to write a post for the next seven days(including one tonight) for you lovely people who for some reason are reading this pointless post. 

As Halloween is commonly celebrated at night, the majority of my posts this week will be posted around 6pm (GBT). However, I am planning on writing eight posts this week as every Wednesday I do post anyway - except the Wednesday that has just gone.. SORRY. So my every Wednesday post will be posted earlier whereas my Halloween post will be later. 

If there are any Halloween posts you would be interested in me posting this week please comment below and I'll get onto it as soon as possible. 

(p.s I'm loving GIFS right now, however I have no idea who made them, I do not take credit for any myself unless stated)

Whitney xo
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