How to Beat Bad Skin and Stay Clear

Before I get started, some people may never have a 'clear' face. It varies from skin types to hormones and this post isn't a definite approach and result but a suggestion on what's worked for me and how to help you find the best routine for you. Honestly, I know how bad it feels when you wake up on the first day back of school/college with a HUGE zit on your face and how horrifying it is to even be seen in public with this disgusting, red, unwanted 'friend' right in the middle of your face. TYPICAL. But there's so many ways to keep your face clear, but what is the best way for you? 

I have my own skin care routine, I gave up on 'Googling' skin care routines because nothing worked. So, I turned to myself and made my own up. Which involves products, which took me years and years to find what was best for my skin and what to avoid. I literally tried everything that I found on Google. About two years ago I even burnt my face because I found an article saying that I should boil the kettle, pour the boiling water into a mug, dip cotton wool balls into it and hold it onto my zits until it didn't hurt anymore. Me being me decided it was a good idea and did it for months until I actually realized I was making the problem worse and not better. So, don't do this, it will only result in scaly skin and red blotches to add onto the zit that you are trying to get rid of. 

So after trying everything, from burning my face to trying almost every product on the market, I finally have found what works for me. This is what I do every day (unless stated otherwise) which you may like to try:

My Morning Routine
  • I wash my face with cold water then dab it with a soft towel. Try not to use any rough towels and avoid rubbing the skin as it irritate it. Use cold water as it refreshes the skin and will keep pores closed, unlike warm water, which will open pores. Using warm water is a definite 'NO NO' in the morning as you have a whole day ahead of you and you don't want your pores to be open to any bad substances which will affect it.
  • I then use my favorite Nivea moisturizer ( and rub it in sparingly on my face until my face feels full of moisture, not wet but not dry. It is important to find the best moisturizer for your skin as it can do more harm than good if you don't have the right one for your skin type. Usually it is better to have an organic moisturizer full of natural oils, vitamins and minerals, rather than having special moisturizers which say they prevent spots and blemishes, or ones that contain alcohol.
  • I then put all my make-up on. This plays a massive part on how your skin is revealed and how your skin reacts to the make-up you wear. You may find that using a foundation makes your skin oily, which makes it more prone to zit break outs as your skin is sweating. You may also find that the foundation you wear makes your skin too dry and then you'll find you'll have uneven skin and discoloration. Your best bet is investing in a lot of drug store foundations to find what agrees with your skin best. Or if your'e higher market, look at reviews to make sure you know what to expect for you skin and that you're not forking out on make-up that just makes you look 10x worse.
  • I will then powder my make-up after it's finished so even if my face sweats, it still stays in good condition and doesn't move throughout the day. TIP - you should redo your powder every few hours so that it stays intact.
(You will be able to see what make-up I use everyday in one of my previous blogs by clicking this link

My Night Routine
Some nightsI won't put anything on my skin apart from eye cream and Vaseline on my lips. This is because sometimes less is more!

At least once a week I will try to have a 'skin free' day and treat myself with a face mask. Also at least once a month I will boil the kettle, but not to burn my face! I pour the water into a bowl and I stick a towel over my head and lean my face about 5cm away from the bowl and steam my face. Some people reading this will probably think that it's bonkers, but it works and I swear by it. But I don't recommend doing this more than twice a month because it will dry up your face (again take it from experience!). I never really exfoliate my face unless I have a major break out, as I find that exfoliating is too harsh on my face. My face is as clear as it ever has been since throwing out all the drug store products that only work once, trust me, it's the best thing I have ever done! Maybe you should try it!

I hope this has helped at least a fraction of you and as always, thank you for reading.


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  1. Thank you! I found this post super helpful. X

    - Tiffany