The Wonderful Things In Life


As I sat in my local coffee shop moaning about my day of work ahead, I stopped and it suddenly occurred to me that it's really not that bad. I sat back and enjoyed my luxury for a few minutes and watched people around me (i'm not creepy i swear!). The joy of other people actually made me feel happy about my life and made me cherish what I've got. As I watch people walking to work, some faces with smiles and some with frowns, it made me chuckle because my moods vary when I think of going to work. But then I watch an old couple walk past and I thought of the many, many years they have both probably worked and now they don't work and they have each other and it made me smile. 

I guess what I'm trying to say in this post is that we are all lucky. Everything around us is wonderful and too many of us take it for granted. We live in a beautiful world and it should be explored. Meet new people, don't shy away from anything because opportunities are for us. You make the world more wonderful. We live in a luxury, whether we are rich or poor, everything we have is a luxury. Everything else is a desire and one day you'll desire that luxury too, so do great things and the world will do great things for you in return. We are the wonderful things in life. 

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