What YOU must try at least once!

Today I've decided to write a list A-Z on what you must try at least once! Let's just say this list will be half recommendations and half of my bucket list!

A is for America. When I was six/seven years old I went to Florida for two weeks and I had what every child dreams for, a trip to Disney land!! I honestly believe no matter how old you are you'll enjoy everything in Florida, from the theme parks, to the American diners, to the resorts and let's not forget about the sun! In a couple of years I wish to visit New York and also Mexico!

B is for Benidorm. So last year I went to Benidorm with most of my family and there was so much to do there, I was never bored! The food was gorgeous and it was a nice little holiday after finishing my GCSE's.

C is for Concerts. The first concert I ever got to see was Barney .. Yes .. Barney the purple dinosaur.... I was at least five at the time! My most recent concert is the Jessie J concert in 2013 ((which I also recommend you go and see live because she is literally AMAZING)). I really need to up my game with concerts, it's just I'd rather spend my money right now on clothes and make-up .. Oops!

D is for Drive-In Cinema. Ever since I watched Grease when I was a little girl I have had a huge obsession with wanting to do this. It's just so so cute and this is one of the top things on my bucket list!

E is for Exercise. It is so important to stay healthy! You don't have to go to the Gym to exercise. You can buy equipment for your home or you can just look at exercise routines online! 

F is for France. At least once in your life you must go to France. Why? Because it's such a beautiful country! I went to France on a school exchange in 2012 and I was honestly so scared because I was staying with a family I didn't know for a week! But, my friends came with me and we honestly had such a good time there!

G is for Gym!!! I'd like to say this is my favorite place.. But I can't because I don't go enough.. But I do love the gym! It helps a lot when I'm stressed about something or when I've got a lot on my mind because I sweat out the stress! But I also love going to the gym because I go with my best friend, so it helps because we both motivate each other. So why don't you join with your friend?

H is for Hair. At least once in your life you should do something really different to your hair just to see what suits you! For example if you have really long hair, cut it short! You never know you might rather short hair.. Even if you don't it'll always grow back! I'm in the middle of growing mine and I'm always tempted to dye my hair blonde again - BIG RISK!

I is for Interests. Every now and then it is ok to look for new things that interest you, and to actually have a go at them! For example you could try;
• a new sport
• reading
• singing
• music hobbies
• blogging
• photography
• learning a new language 
My new interest is blogging! Don't be afraid to start anything new and be prepared for negative comments! But if you enjoy it, then it's nobody's business.

J is for Jovial. It's always good to be as happy as you can. So be in a jovial mood as often as you can, it will not only make you a happier person, it'll make the atmosphere for people around you a better place too!

K is for Kayaking. I've done this only once but I want to do it more because it's so fun!!

L is for Learn. This is linked to the letter I. Learn something new! Me, for example, I've decided to learn a new subject in college this year. But everyday you are learning something new and don't be afraid to ask questions either!

M is for Meeting new people. I love to meet new people. Why? Because I tend to learn a lot off other people and I love to be sociable! Unless it's something really dodgy.. For example somebody you don't know on the Internet, you should never meet people you don't really know exist because it puts you in danger! 

N is for Nandos! (my friends totally saw this coming!). If you don't live near a Nandos then you must Travel! If you don't try Nandos at least once in your life then you haven't lived!

O is for Oatmeal Cookies. These are my new favourite things and you should try them too because they are simply amazing!!!!

P is for Parachuting. This is something I really really want to do! And even if you are scared of heights, you only have to do it once to say you've experienced it!

Q is for Quiet. I love quiet time and it's important you have time to yourself so you can think about everything instead of bottling everything up. 

R is for River Swimming and Rafting. Me and my best friend last October went River Swimming on a scheme we were on and it was so scary because I've never done it before and it's definitely harder than it looks but it's so good! We also did Rafting whilst we were there and that was also so fun! You must try this!

S is for Scuba Diving and Surfing. These are two things I definitely will do one day, although I'm actually quite scared to swim with fish and quite frightened of embarrassing myself trying to surf...

T is for Travel. Traveling is something I really want to do! I love to see different cultures and there are so many beautiful places to go to!!!

U is for Urban Decay. I've wanted a Naked Pallette for at least a year now but I've never got round to getting one. 

V is for Venice. Venice just looks so beautiful and idyllic, I will definitely go there one day! 

W is for Work. Everyone needs to work, but not everybody enjoys it. Try to find something you enjoy doing and turn it into a living and earn from it!

X is for X.. Literally..

Y is for YouTube. YouTube is a wonderful place! You can find everything on there! It's a bit like Google but a video version! I'd love to start a YouTube Channel as I love watching YouTubers and like I've said for letter L, I love to learn new things!

Z is for Zoo! I love Zoo's because I love animals so so much and if you've never been to a zoo before then it's a big MUST! Its honestly just a fun day out!

As always, thank you for reading.

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