My Bucket List


I have never really considered a bucket list as I've always just kind of.. well, done whatever whenever.. But recently I've really been thinking about everything I want to achieve in my hopefully long life and decided it's time to start making my bucket list!

- Skydive whilst I'm still 18
- Learn how to surf and hopefully be good at it
- Travel the world, visit every continent and experience it all alone, with someone I love or my friends.
- Climb the Eiffel Tower
- Ride in a Gondola in Venice
- Climb an active volcano
- Go on a road trip to Amsterdam
- Scuba Dive (preferably the Great Barrier Reef)
- Go on a romantic camping trip (cringe??) and camp on a beach!
- Cliff Diving
- Volunteer / Really work abroad
- Go to Australia and New Zealand
- Get married in Las Vegas
- Catch a last minute flight to a random destination
- Swim in a waterfall
- Watch turtles hatch and run to the ocean
- Start my own magazine
- Run my own charity
- Lock a love lock with someone I love on the Paris bridge

Do you have any of these on your bucket list? I'd love to know!

7 comments on "My Bucket List"
  1. Great options! I keep thinking I might make a list of things to do before I turn 30 in a year or so :)

  2. Wow nice list. Been to the love bridge. Good luck with all you have mentioned here.

  3. Love your ideas! I'd love to go to Australia xx

    Lauren |

  4. These are so lovely! I used to live in Australia so I've been lucky enough to do some of these things. Turtles are the sweetest animals, I was fortunate once to see one come up onto the sand to lay eggs!

    Anna. X