Let's Get NAKED!


Hi lovelies! Before anyone asks, I'm not getting naked in today's post.. or any post for that matter, BUT I am going to be talking about my three gorgeous NAKED palettes from Urban Decay! EEEEEK even thinking about them makes me want to splash! Anyway, let's move onto the actual post shall we.

For anyone who doesn't know of the NAKED Palettes, then where the heck have you been??! Basically, each palette contains 12 gorgeous colours, all contain matte and shimmer colours which are extremely pigmented, what more can you ask for!

I'm doing my own question and answer post on this because.. well why not??

Which palette's do you own?
Naked 2, 3 and my lovely new addition Smoky.

Which palette is your favourite?
My favourite palette has to be NAKED 3. I love all of them, but....

If there are any palettes which you don't own, why not?
I just haven't got round to it yet... also I'm not 100% sure I like the colours in Naked 1, yikes! BUT, I might just buy the NAKED BASICS instead. I am currently trying to stop myself from buying the Naked Flushed palette, have you seen how gorgeous that is?!

Which palette has the best named colours?
Naked 2 definitely! 

Which palette is best for travelling?
As I'm back and fore from bloody everywhere these days, I have noticed that the one I take everywhere is Naked 2. I think it's the easiest palette to do different looks with.

Do you regret buying the palettes?
Definitely not! They are better than any other eyeshadow palette I have ever tried and they last so long. Now I know why they have such a high price tag (for me anyway!).

What are your favourite colours from NAKED 2?
I use this palette the most because I use this mostly everyday. My favourite colours from this palette are Foxy, Bootycall, Tease, YDK and Busted. 

What is your most used look with NAKED 2?
Okay. I use Foxy as my base colour and browbone, then I use Tease in my crease, then Busted in the outer corner (V) of my eye and half of my lid, then Bootycall for the rest of the lid, inner corner and tear duct. And of course BLEND!

What are your favourite colours from NAKED 3?
My fave palette! I usually use this palette for special occasions or if I'm going out on nights out. My favourite colours are Dust, Burnout, Limit, Nooner and Blackheart. 

What is your most used look with NAKED 3?
I usually go for Strange as the base colour, Limit in the crease, Nooner on my lid, Blackheart on the outer corner (V) and Dust or Burnout (sometimes both) in the inner corner. And again BLEND!

As for Naked Smoky, I haven't yet used it because it is too gorgeous to touch right now. It is by far the prettiest palette out of all of them. The packaging is so different to the rest of the palettes which makes me love it even more. I can already tell what my favourite colours are.. High, Armor, Smolder, Password and Combust. I will get back to you all on my favourite look with this palette and I'll also get back to you on whether the Naked 3 palette is still my favourite after trying Naked Smoky... I have a feeling it won't be!

Do you own any Naked Palettes? Which one/s are your favourite? Let me know!

11 comments on "Let's Get NAKED!"
  1. I'll have to check these naked palettes out! You've got me all excited to see what colours they have! :)

    1. I promise you will never regret it! They are so lovely xo

  2. I love the naked palettes, I have 1 & 2 but would love the smoked one as well! They're so beautiful & amazing quality :)

    L x

    1. I love 2 so much! I know, the only downfall is that they have to run out at some point :( x

  3. I don't own any naked palettes as I'm actually terrified of eyeshadow! Haha! I like to look at the naked palettes though because they look so pretty, if I was to get one then probably the naked 2 as it has the most wear le shades in my opinion!

    1. I meant wearable, no idea why my phone autocorrected that last part to "wear le" haha

    2. Oh no haha! They are gorgeous. I agree Naked 2 is the most neutral palette I find. x

  4. I love this post! Don't own a naked palette and have never tried them for myself but they all look sooo pretty!

    Tiffany //

  5. They are iconic aren't they, although I've never owned one of these.