International Women's Day


I am a Feminist. A feminist is believed that they only want what's best for women, but that's not true. I, as a feminist, wants equal rights for both women and men. It's one thing to have equal pay or equal rights to vote, but it's another to look between the lines. 

As I take Sociology I have become more aware of certain things within society and because society is constantly changing, people often forget this and think it's okay to be, well, 'old fashioned'. There are so many different feminist's such as Liberal Feminists, Radical Feminists, Marxist and Socialist Feminists, Cultural Feminists and Eco Feminists. I take on board what each theory says and I have decided I am a Feminist. 

Why are people so scared of the word Feminism? Instead of supporting equal rights people turn their backs.. Why? Although people may think 'Women do have equal rights, they get paid the same, they get this, they get that' .. But is that really the case? Me and my boyfriend have completely different views as he doesn't really care about society or how it's run as long as he gets to do what he wants to do, right. That's how we should all be, we should be able to do whatever we want - of course, putting aside any criminal action.

Emma Watson is my role model. She created the #HeForShe Campaign. She stood up and she wasn't scared to get her point across. Her speech made me think a lot about the world we live in and she almost had me crying because everything she said is true! Why is a male crying a bad thing? Why are they not aloud to show their emotions like a women can? Maybe that's the problem. As people say "it's a mans world" - I don't think so, not anymore. It's not a women's world either. Can we really live without either? The world needs both to be able to work. 

There are so many adverts or mini interviews/films on equal rights that I have seen which I really want to share with you, so I will leave the links at the end of this post. 

I am a feminist. You don't have to be a woman to fight for equal rights, you don't have to be a woman to be a feminist. Why don't you fight for what you think you're worth? Don't be scared to say how you feel, show how you feel and shout out what you believe in. I'm here for equal rights, what are you here for?

I am dedicating this post to my mother and my grandmother, the women who taught me to be the best I can be and to say and show everything I believe. My father who taught me how to fish and climb trees, and took me cycling and camping every weekend, despite me being a girl and got my involved in the things he liked without defeating the object. Also my granddad who is surrounded by women in his life and never took that for granted and loved us all because we were girls, never treated us less kinder than if we were boys and found ways of bonding with us, even though he didn't exactly like the look of himself when my cousins and I put bobbles in his hair and pink clips and made him look strange. And also to all the other women in my family, like my cousin who has shown she doesn't need a man to look after a child and that she is independent enough to look after herself and her child on her own. Thank you to all the women in my life who have shown me it is okay to be who I want to be and most of all that it is okay to be a woman. Thank you to all you women out there.

I am Whitney and I am a feminist. What will you be?

Emma Watson HeForShe Campaign speech -
Always #LikeAGirl -
Always #LikeAGirl - Unstoppable -

Also the Youtube Channel WatchCut Video shows a variety of inequality and opinions, make sure you check it out.

11 comments on "International Women's Day"
  1. Ahhh proud to be a woman today!!! I love to empower other women, but a few women do like to put others down and we should all stick together! <3

  2. Really love this post! Empowering other woman rather than bringing each other down is so important, it's so great to see so many people supporting and empowering each other! It's a shame though that people still think us feminists think that women deserve more than men, NO! It's about equality and everyone deserves it! great post X

    Tiffany || Wallflower

  3. This post is beautiful, empowers the lovely women in the world. I think it's nice that we have one date a year where we celebrate being female. I dedicate today for my mum x


  4. What a wonderful post direct and to the point.You have had a lovely upbringing and you are right there should be no difference in how men and women are treated in this day and age.

  5. Great post! Completely agree with your love for Emma Watson.

  6. Such a good post; really informative and it's so nice to see someone actually speaking they're mind and being 100% truthful about their beliefs. Thank you 💕
    The Owlet (