What To Do On Valentine's Day


There are so many things to do nowadays that nobody really knows what to do. I think the hardest thing to decide on is what to do on special occasions, like Valentine's Day. For me, Valentine's Day is pretty special, only because I think it's one of those days where the world is full of love and not hatred (cringe). Whether you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or if you don't, it doesn't matter and you can still enjoy Valentine's Day no matter what.


Me being me loves going out and enjoying food in a nice restaurant or cinema. However, my boyfriend is the complete opposite and doesn't enjoy going out at all - yikes. So, as this year is our first Valentine's Day together we really didn't know what to decide on and we couldn't agree. So if you're anything like us you should either go somewhere on your own or stay indoors on your own - that way everyone gets what they want right? But on a serious note, we have decided to go to the cinema (YAYYYY)

If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are the type to stay indoors and cuddle up in bed or on the sofa watching Netflix, then maybe you could change it around a little and go on a date to the cinema and cuddle up there. If you're not so fussed on the idea of going to the cinema, why not have a movie marathon which you'll both enjoy. Or even better start a new series and watch it all day/night.

Do you almost never go out for food? Why not go to a fancy restaurant or if you're not keen on spending so much why not have a takeaway? Personally, I'm an in-between kind of gal and I love going for food and I love takeaways. But I swear I don't always do this.......

If you're low on money but you still want to get out and do something, you and your lover could go out on a nice walk. As a bonus pack a little picnic up and go to a spot where you both like and enjoy the scenery and each others company. 

Do you remember your first date with your partner? You could reenact your first date! This could be a great way to reminisce about how you both felt all that time ago.

If you're more adventurous you could go ice skating, snow boarding, skydiving or even mountain climbing! There's so much fun in doing these things, especially when you mess up. It's worth the laugh, trust me!

When you and your lover are all tired out at the end of the night, why not fill the bath up and sprinkle rose petals across the water and enjoy the smell of burning candles. This is probably the most relaxing, romantic thing to do and something you'll both love.


There's nothing wrong with anyone being on their own at Valentine's Day. I have to admit when I wasn't in a relationship I used to purge over all the couples. I guess it's nice to be with someone, but at least you'll save money and you can do whatever you want without a second opinion!

If you have friends who are also single, why not share the love? It'll only be a matter of time before you'll all be in relationships, so enjoy it whilst it lasts! Buy your friends friendship valentines cards and buy them a cute gift. Or you can go out for food with them or to the cinema and own Valentine's Day. If you don't fancy going out, why not invite your friends over and have a movie marathon with them, or you can bake cookies or cakes together!

Have you thought about spoiling yourself? I HAVE. If you're not going to get pretty roses on Valentines Day and no cards, don't pout. Just go out and buy everything you want. For example, if you wanted a beauty product, there's your chance to buy it for yourself! A gift from you to you. Although, most of the shops will have reduced chocolates - so take your pick!

So, what are you doing on Valentine's Day? As a quick reminder, my current giveaway ends on Valentine's Day (Sunday), so be sure to click here to check it out and enter whilst you can!

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4 comments on "What To Do On Valentine's Day"
  1. Me and my husband are going out for dinner to a fancy restaurants, that's all I guess! Unless he has a surprise for me! :) x

  2. It's my fella's birthday on Vday so we never do anything particular Valentine-ish. I do think it's a nice excuse for people to go out with friends or partners though! I hope you enjoy your first Valentine's Day together :)!