Past Valentines Experience's


As we all have embarrassing encounters, Valentine's is definitely not much of one for me. For the last couple of years I haven't really done the whole mumbo jumbo, however this year I guess I have to. Boyfriend's are expensive

I can honestly say I remember that the majority of my childhood was made up of things that didn't exist. Santa, the Tooth Fairy and a Secret Crush. My family wasn't exactly all up there with the Easter Bunny and Elves.. But I know the Tooth Fairy was a big deal for me, so was the card coming through my door every Valentine's Day. My mother actually used to go out of her way to buy a card and basically either signed the card with "Lots of Love ?" or "Lots of Love From Your Secret Admirer" in really awful handwriting. I couldn't even spell admirer when I was below ten so if any boy in my school could then bravo. Although for years I didn't think at all that it was my mother, in fact I was convinced it was this boy at my school which I had a very repetitive on and off kiddie relationship with for about eight years. However, this one year I had two cards through my door and knowing that card was definitely not from my mother because it didn't smell like her perfume was such a big deal for me. It was probably finally that boy. HAha.

Actually, one year it was Valentine's Day in school and that boy did actually give me a paper card and a little welsh doll! CUTE. It's so funny thinking about these things because they were so long ago yet I remember them like it was yesterday.

My latest Valentine's experience was about two or three years ago with my ex. I remember that we were meant to go to the cinema and exchange gifts but we didn't see eachother for some reason. But when we got round to meeting again we actually argued and he left my presents in the middle of the floor in town... Yikes. We did eventually go to the cinema though, with one of my friends.. Weird set up right? 

For the rest of the years I have pretty much enjoyed being alone and enjoying the reduced chocolate in all the shops. I'll probably do it this year + a boyfriend who can buy me more chocolate. YAY.

What are you doing this year? Have you got any embarrassing stories for Valentines?  Also if you haven't seen my last post, it was a giveaway which you can find here!

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6 comments on "Past Valentines Experience's"
  1. Valentine's = champagne and chocolate all the naughty things but so good! Hope you have a better Valentines this year. R

    1. Oh enjoy! It's nice to treat yourself and have a great time! Thank you.

  2. Not doing anything special. It's like any other day.

  3. Great post to read! How cute that your Mum use to do that for you. It's mine and my boyfriend's three year's on Valentines Day, so it's extra special! We haven't made any plans yet, but I wouldn't mind if I ended up staying in to watch movies all day with chocolate and lots of cuddles haha x

    Lauren |

    1. Ohhhh happy three years, that's a long time! Hope you both have a lovely day! You should get a take out and eat at home! x