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It wasn't until August 2015 that I decided to start a blog, I asked my friends and my twitter followers whether they would read it or not, and thankfully I got positive feedback and quite a few people encouraged me to go ahead with my blog, and so I did. Seven months later and here I am, still blogging and loving it! I'm so glad I decided to ignore the annoying negative voice at the back of my head telling me not to do it, or telling me it's not going to work and so on. As a blogger now, though, it is definitely really easy to fall in and out of love with blogging and I always question whether it's worth doing. However, I love blogging because writing is a huge thing for me, it's a great way to express myself and to be honest with you, I'm definitely not a confident or talkative person, I'm shy and awkward. In school, English and Art were the only two subjects I could really show my potential in. Writing and Drawing? A big yes from me. I think my teachers realized that I am actually good at something when it came to Year 10 and that I'm not just this quiet, introverted person with no direction. Not only that, but I love helping people. On my blog I am super passionate about raising awareness for mental health, social issues and spreading positivity and I always say that if I can help just one person, whether it's helping them realize things they never have before, giving advice or tips on anything I can or brightening their day and so on, then I'm happy. I think that blogging is great for helping others, so it's definitely something you may wish to consider! Other reasons why I love blogging:- - it has helped me to talk about the things I want to talk about in real life but struggle with - it's helped my creative side grow immensely - it's slowly making a better writer (hmm...) - I'm definitely finding my confidence, one step at a time, right? - my blog is growing with me - it has helped me be more organised. in my writing, thinking, even daily life as i'm learning different ways to make things easier, quicker and more structured etc. I don't think blogging is an easy thing, it's definitely fun but it can be so time consuming. There have been times where I've told myself that 'it was fun and all, but it's time to stop and focus on something else', honestly, every blogger has those days. However, I think the best thing to do at times like that is to take a step back for a couple of days. I usually find that taking a break from blogging for no longer than a week tends to give me a chance to think about what I'm writing and what I want to write properly, what I want to do with my blog and any sort of post ideas/post series I can stir up. Now the reason why I don't take a break longer than a week is down to the fact that personally, when the break starts getting too long I find myself drifting away from the blogging world too much. I don't like to disconnect completely from my goal so a week is the maximum. I'm not a blogging expert, far from it. I'm still trying to find my way through it all and every day I seem to be learning something new, but I do have some tips for beginners that I want to share with you. - Choose a blogging platform that you are comfortable with. Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc. Here's a link where you can read the pros/cons of each platform. - Start/write your blog purely for your love of writing, helping others, your interests and so on. Please don't assume that you'll get free stuff and that your blog is going to get really big straight away! Sadly, I have seen too many people starting a blog for 'free products' or money only to quit shortly after that it doesn't work like that. - For a while you may struggle to find a layout that you're content with, and even then you may want to change things around. I've always found this the most stressful thing about blogging, but don't worry, google has all the answers you need and eventually you will find a layout you are happy with. - If you do have an opportunity to review a product, be completely honest and don't just post it because you want the free product or that you are obliged to be nice about it - you're not! Be honest with your readers and yourself. - Blog about things you are passionate about. This is your chance to express yourself through words, images, anything that suits you. - There are no limits. Are you interested in lifestyle? Beauty? Travel? Media? Everything? The list is endless and it's your blog so post whatever you want! - Take time to explore and find something new. Remember I spoke about taking time to yourself if blogging ever gets too much? - Have Twitter, Instagram, and Bloglovin accounts. Also, Tumblr and Pinterest are great, too! Each platform will help you get your blog out there to different audiences. (and make sure to link them in your blog so people can stay connected!) - Promote your blog and every post you publish across all social media platforms - Don't plagiarize! If you're going to use another person's image or information then make sure to link the source! - Have fun with blogging, meet new people and take up any opportunities that will benefit're interested in! Be creative and inspire others. Thanks for reading! What have you learned from blogging, do you have any tips? Until next time, be you and keep smiling.


This guest post was by Tiffany over at Wallflower. If you liked this post make sure you do check her blog out, as I'm sure you will not be disappointed!

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  1. Blogging has definitely helped with my confidence too - it's one of the best decisions I've made!

  2. Love this! I always say to everyone that they should have a blog! I use it as my online diary, and I love having it to look back on what I've done and achieved! Xxx

  3. Thanks Whitney for the opportunity to guest post on your blog! X

    Tiffany || Wallflower