#BlogBetter February


Recently I came across #BlogBetter and I have to say I was impressed with what improvements people who have taken part have accomplished. Thanks to a lovely blogger called Laura who came up with this great idea, I'm going to take part. I think that this is such a good idea as it may motivate me that little bit extra.

So, I had to choose three things that I want to improve on. Here it goes.

Improve my Blog Itself

Recently I've been changing my blog every time I log on. It seems that I am never 100% pleased with my blog. This month I have decided to set myself the following targets.

- Change bits of my blog every week. This month I am going to schedule what to change and when to change them. Instead of what I have been doing, which is changing everything I can think of every time I visit my blog. After looking this morning on what I can improve on, I noticed that I had deleted my widgets which link to my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Silly me! That is one thing I can add to my blog again!
- Blog more regularly. Unfortunately for me I have an extremely busy life. I'm in college five days a week and work Saturday and Sunday. Yay me. I also have to fit in seeing my grandparents, friends and my boyfriend. Oh, and my parents. As I'm getting more and more stressed by the day as my A Level exams are right around the corner, blogging is actually a relief. I am aiming to blog at least three times a week from now on and possibly more later on.
- Improve my content and ideas. Ever since I started writing a blog, I have never been organised. I have about twenty drafts and maybe I'll work on posting them this month. My content varies from time to time but I'm looking to improve it now, not lower the improvement. My ideas on the other hand... I have lots. Though, I am often too scared to post some things as I may be judged. But this month I'm going to try and let my fears go and come out of my comfort zone.

Improve my Instagram

I deleted mostly all my old pictures Christmas time, just so I could start fresh for the new year.. However I can suddenly feel myself slowly going away from having a good Instagram, back to the ugly Instagram that I used to have.

- Find new places to take pictures. I was hoping my room would have been redecorated by now, however it's on half.. But I cannot wait until it is done. But until it is done, I need to find new places to take pictures.. Like maybe outside?
- Start a theme. I did have a theme but it went off track. I'm not really sure how to stick to a theme.. I'll do some research.
- Upload more photos. I usually take photos and really like them, so I upload them onto Instagram all in one day. This month I'm going to aim to do at least one every other day and maybe one in between.

Promote my Blog

For a long time I have been hiding from the people that I know, worried that I'll get judged or that people will talk. But, already this year I have been improving and I have created a Facebook Page for my blog.

- Open my blog up to people I don't really want to. This month I am going to promote my blog everywhere.. maybe. I'm going to try my hardest to step out of my comfort zone a lot .. but bit by bit.
- Tweet about my blog more regularly. Three times a day, then twice a day, then once a month.
- Comment and Support more bloggers. The more bloggers I support, the more will support me, right?

Are you planning on taking part in #BlogBetter? If you want to but you don't know what to do or where to start, here's the link to #BlogBetter with a list of rules and what you can do. Good Luck!

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4 comments on "#BlogBetter February"
  1. This is a brilliant post, I'm so excited that you're taking part! I love how you've modified it to make it perfect for you, too-that's how I always wanted #blogbetter to be, helpful to each individual. Thank you!

  2. This seems like a great and helpful way to improve your blog! Really great post x

    Tiffany // Wallflower

    1. Not sure how good it is going so far but it's worth a go! x