5 Blogs That Should Be Recognized More


Today I thought it would be nice to do a different post, one regarding the blogging community. Most of the time, if I come across a blog I really like, I read about ten posts then follow it. So, do you ever wonder to yourself "Why doesn't everyone know about this blog?? It's brilliant!", I know I do! So, I'm going to share with you five blogs which I absolutely love (in no particular order).


Apart from the fact that Tiffany is my friend outside the blogging world, she is also a very good blogging friend. When Tiffany and I wanted to start a blog, we didn't even know that either of us actually wanted to until it came up in conversation one day. Tiffany inspired me to go through with what I wanted to do and I cannot thank her enough!

Anyway, now to her blog. From day one I have always loved Tiffany's blog. She focuses her blog on many different topics such as, beauty, music, travel, mental health awareness, positivity and herself. At the moment, what I am really loving about her blog is the small Poems/Stories she is writing and her Travel Diary. My favourite post yet is her Beauty Tip - Nail Care

Apart from loving Tiffany's blog, I am also loving her Instagram lately - @constellatio.n .. I have a big thing about Instagram feeds and seeing her lovely photos on my newsfeed makes me 100x happier.

You can find Tiffany's blog here.


I have been following Jade's blog for a long time now and I never miss a post. Jade's blog's focus is Beauty, Lifestyle and Fashion. I think that her posts are always really down to earth and you can really tell what she is like as a person through her blog. Her photography is always amazing (and kind of makes me jealous because it's that good). One of my favourite posts is her SFX: Eye Love You. Jade is just so talented and her blog deserves to be recognized.

Again, I'm also in love with Jade's Instagram - @jadeholberry .. Her feed is amazing and also her special effect posts are soooo good! 

OH! Also Jade has just started her very own YouTube Channel which you can check out here. It's worth the watch!

You can find Jade's blog here.

Georgia Petite

I recently came across Georgia's blog and I think it is fair to say why haven't I come across this blog sooner?! Georgia is a mother of a very sweet toddler. Her blog's focus is Beauty, Fashion and Life, with various other categories to choose from as well. What I really love about Georgia's blog is her enthusiasm and especially her photo's - OH, and her fashion sense! My favourite post is her 5 Apps That Every Blogger Needs

Which leads me onto her Instagram - @georgiapetite_ .. OH MY GOD. I love love love it! Not to mention the inspiration her pictures give!

You can find Georgia's blog here.

 It's Lauren Victoria

Lauren is another Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger (can you see the pattern yet?). I have followed Lauren's blog for a while now and I also never miss a post of hers either. What I love about Lauren's blog is that it's so pretty and again, her content and photo's really paint a picture of who she is. One of my favourite posts of Lauren's is her Current Night Time Skin Care Routine. Lauren is such a good blogger that I feel she shouldn't go unrecognized.

Lauren's Instagram is a pleasure to follow as all her pictures are so good! @itslaurenvictoria

You can find Lauren's blog here.

Inside Laura's Head

Finding Laura's blog has made me so motivated to make my blog better because of her #BlogBetter challenges. I think Laura's blog is by far one of the best blogs I follow, so I also took on her Blog Better challenge. Besides this, her content is fantastic and she doesn't have just one main focus, she has many which makes her blog good for anyone! 

Laura's Instagram is @insidelaurashead and this is also very inspiring!

You can find Laura's blog here

So that's it! Do you follow any of these wonderful blogs? Or do you have any favourite blogs of your own? Let me know in the comments! 

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20 comments on "5 Blogs That Should Be Recognized More"
  1. I am so shocked that you have picked me to be in this blog post! It really means so much to me and I appreciate everything you have said. It's so nice to read positive feedback. Thank you so much Whitney xxx

    Lauren |

  2. It's so nice to see bloggers supporting each other. I've just gone through and followed them all, but I'm pretty sure I have Lauren on Bl already :). Blogging has become so over saturated that some blogs just get hidden away sometimes!


    1. That's great! I know, I think every blogger needs another bloggers support in some way xx

  3. I have only ever read one of these blogs before, Inside Laura's Head. So this is a really great way of discovering new blogs to read, more people should do the same. Nice way of supporting fellow bloggers too!

    1. I think if more bloggers did this that everyone would have the support and motivation they need x

  4. Um HELLO you forgot me?! JK - definitely going to go check out all these girls now! They sound great! I love when people do posts like this


    1. HOW COULD I FORGET! Haha! Aw that's good! Yes I love it too and I thought it would really good if these guys would be recognized x

  5. Awww I love this post. It's like the blogging equivalent of vloggers to look out for. Thanks for sharing. I shall go and check out all now xx x

  6. I read Georgia's and Laura's blogs already. Will check out the rest x

  7. Fab range of blogs, have already started to browse through. Such a lovely & thoughtful post to write! :)

    Ella -

    1. Thank you, I'm sure it means so much to them x

  8. Thanks so much for this post! I was looking for a bunch of new bloggers to have a look at and all of these are amazing! x

    Celeste |

  9. Thank you so much, Whitney! Such a lovely post to write, really appreciate it! X

    Tiffany || Wallflower

  10. Great list of bloggers. I enjoyed reading them all.