Embracing Your Flaws


I hate this topic almost as much as I hate certain things about myself. But, this topic makes me extremely happy when I see that other people are able to embrace what they hate about themselves. I don't exactly know where this post is heading but I'm going to try to embrace my flaws and maybe you can too. 

For me, I hate a lot of things about myself. These are things such as having no motivation some days, not being 'brainy' enough, not having looking a certain way, not having perfect hair, perfect body. perfect anything. But, most of all I hate my teeth. All my friends and everyone who I complain about my teeth to just say "there's nothing wrong with them", "they look fine" ... And I know they don't. Is it just me who gets annoyed when people do this and you're just like, "uh if it was fine I wouldn't be complaining and I wouldn't be SELF CONCIOUS!!" ... Yeah me too! But on a serious note (not that, that wasn't serious)... Some days I feel fine and I try to embrace my horrible teeth, but then some days I shut my mouth all day and literally try and hide my teeth from literally everyone. Silly right? But this has been for years and I have literally tried everything to do something about them but nope... I'm stuck. SIGH.

For you, I'm not going to just tell you to be happy with your flaws because I know how hard it is to be happy with something that makes you feel 'different' or 'ugly' or 'weird' or anything negative. But you are who you are and because of these flaws it makes you more special than someone who is 'perfect'.. Although, the people who are 'perfect' are not. I know everybody has flaws and I know that everyone who is reading this is thinking of things that they hate about themselves, but sometimes we have to deal with these things. Flaws are horrible things but at the same time make you the wonderful people you are, because you are wonderful. cringe. What I'm trying to say is that even though we hate things about ourselves, whether it would be our heads, shoulders, knees or toes, or anything in between, I believe they make us different. Different is good. Different makes me happy. Different should make you happy. 

If you want to 'embrace' something you don't like about yourself why not comment below and tell me your story. Or even better why don't you make a post like this of your own and let me know when you've posted it in the comments because it interests me and anyone who can embrace it I think will feel better about themselves that small percent more because it's made me feel better.

2 comments on "Embracing Your Flaws"
  1. This one of my favourite posts of yours! It's so important for everyone to embrace their flaws, even though it may be super hard it will improve confidence over time :) I love your blog so much!! X

    - Tiffany